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Skills Inventory
Good work habits demostated by Teamwork abilities in Work independently as shown by Strong initiative evidenced in Written communication practiced by Readings completed in Oral communication through
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My Learning Philosophy
My Learning Philosophy I believe there are many aspects to consider when it comes to learning. In my experience, learning happens in many different ways and everyone learns differently, which is why I consider the different learning styles when creating
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Category: My Online Learning Portfolio As part of my International Masters in Adult Education in Social Change, I am compiling a personal learning portfolio related to online teaching and learning. Our online course about online learning has covered a lot of topics relating to things like: trends in online learning, student engagement, course design, etc.
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My TEACHING AND LEarning portfolio
I hope this portfolio creates the platform I need to keep track of ideas and explorations, and I am looking forward to seeing just where it might take me. My Teaching philosophy Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.
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Learning Portfolio 1
This category contains my learning portfolio 1 items The 2DS was made few years after the 3DS as a cheaper and more affordable option primarily marketed at kids. My little cousin has been saving for a 3DS for a while, he had enough money for a 2DS and when I
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My Service Learning Portfolio by
What will the students take away? Pre-Reflection Service Participation Post Reflection Academic Objectives The Parts to my Lesson Plan Background Information The students are going to the homeless shelter twice. This will be a Video recorded by the Teacher 1.
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HD Learning
Portfolio/ Work Samples (Click images to view) RETURN TO MAIN PAGE Scenario-based Learning with Realistic Feedback This is a course on navigating financial troubles, that utilizes “choose your own adventure” scenarios. The learner is given options, and
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My Teaching & Learning Portfolio
The teaching and learning B 2015 course has been a great experience for me. The course has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people. I have also grown in so many ways, and have acquired so much knowledge and skills. I hope you have a nice time
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Learning Contract
Hence, my learning contract was to outline my course objectives, work plan, and the resources (both human and material) I would need to achieve my goals. Drafting my learning contract was a challenge, and at the same time a very good learning experience for me.
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My Professional Learning E-Portfolio
I have developed this e-portfolio to guide and document my learning and experiences. This portfolio is organised through the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for teachers. For each standard I reflect upon Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and
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Learning Portfolio 3
This category contains my learning portfolio 3 items Question 1 Performance load is the degree of mental and physical activity required for completing a task. If you have a high performance load, performance time and errors are bound to increase and the likelihood
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Fs 6 portfolio
· Fs 6 portfolio 1. 1 James J. Metcalf I want to teach my students how To live this life on earth, To face its struggles and its strife And to improve their worth. Not just the lesson in a book, Or how the rivers flow, But to choose the proper path, Wherever they
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Learning Styles
My learning styles defiantly take more time than the average person. I don’t like to be rushed when I am studying or retyping my notes. Most of the time one topic will build on another, so it is important for me to understand what I am learning at the time so I don’t struggle in the future.
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MY TEACHING PORTFOLIO TEACHING PHILOSOPHY For me, teaching is a calling. From my earliest childhood memories, I remember loving to play “school.” This love of the entire process of learning has followed me throughout the changes in my career
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My Learning
Digital Learning & Leading Portfolio Me My Learning My Blog My Plan My Alternative PL My Process My Resources My Presentation My Vision My Growth Mindset My Action Research My Guide for Digital Citizenship My Media Project My C.O.V.A. edld 5302
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