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What is Torque? Why Does it Matter?

What is Torque? The concept of torque has been around since Archimedes. You may remember Archimedes from your school days and his quote, “Give me a lever, and I will move the world.” Torque is an application of a lever. In this case, the lever is used to
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What is torque
Explaining what torque is can be one of the harder things to do for a non-engineer and many in the motoring world tie themselves in knots trying to; Motoring journalist, John Swift explains why it’s so important. You’d never get away from the lights
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Why Torque and Angle?

Why Torque and Angle? Torque is an affordable, relatively accurate means of measuring the work required to rotate a fastener. The challenge is turning the fastener and stretching the bolt to a tension suitable to withstand the forces that the bolted joint is subjected to in a controlled assembly environment.
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Torque is an application of force that causes the object being acted on to rotate. It can also be looked at as a rotatio Issuu company logo
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The torque is perpendicular, ( orthogonal) to the other two vectors, so it could be the line where the hinges are located, depending on the direction of the other two forces. From Wikipedia Torque Torque, moment, or moment of force (see the terminology below) is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis, 1 fulcrum, or pivot.
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Gearing magnifies torque, which is why it’s so important in racing. This is why the fastest racecars work at extremely high RPMs. The torque at the wheels is the torque at the engine combined with the torque magnification given by the transmission through gearing.
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What is the importance of “torque” in a car?
· Horse Power is simply [TORQUE] times [RPM] divided by [5252] Since you multiply Torque times Rpm, if the rpm is twice as high it will double the horse power but the torque is still the same.i race imports. let me tell u torque is the most important part. horse
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Why is torque wrench used?
Torque wrenches are important to ensure a balanced rotation of a component in relation to its axis. For example, fly wheels, wheels, drive shaft. Torque wrenches ensure rotating components with a center-locking nut, such as pulleys, wheel bearing, and fans, are not overtightened.
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Why Install a Torque Arrestor?
In this post, we explore some of the reasons why installing a torque arrestor is required and important. Let’s dive in. Torque Arrestor A torque arrestor, also referred to as a torque stop, is created from two rubber or thermo plastic moulded pieces and two stainless
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That’s why the torque curve is an arc that reaches its peak at a relatively low rpm and dips down slowly after that. Higher rpm is not conducive to using torque efficiently. If you think about it you should be able to figure out why. Also I dont understand what people
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Torque question — why defined as r×f and not f×r?
· Could anyone explain to me why torque is defined as r×f and not f×r. It’s a convention, just like choosing the negative direction of the x-axis to be to the left of the origin is a convention. You could do it the other way as long as you were consistent about doing it the other way everywhere – for example, you would also have to switch the order in the definition of angular momentum.
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Why RMS torque is important

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For towing, what’s more important, horsepower or …

That’s why torque is useful when towing — torque is what allows you to pull heavy loads. When you see car ads on TV, they often discuss horsepower figures for performance and sports cars, while you’re more likely to hear about torque in truck commercials [source: General Motors ].
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What is Torque in car? Things that you must Know!
· Not only torque is important for speed, torque is also important for heavier and larger cars. A small city car can easily go along with low torque, whereas a big SUV or a van needs more to make it begin moving or keep it cruising. This is why larger vehicles tend to
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Why Finding Average Horsepower And Torque Is …

On this PowerNation Extra, Engine Power co-host Pat Topolinski explains why finding the average horsepower and torque in addition to the peak numbers is important …
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Why do people believe horsepower is more important …

Question: Why do people believe horsepower is more important than torque when horsepower in fact is derived from torque x engine speed (and not the opposite)? This is the topic that just keeps on giving. The genesis of this question has been asked