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Using frontdoor.jsp to login to Communities
It would be great if we could use frontdoor.jsp to log in to Salesforce Communities via OAuth. You can make an OAuth 2 handshake, get an access token, make API calls, etc; but even though the declared scope includes access to Web (or Visualforce, where in this case the Community uses some VF) you cannot use frontdoor.jsp to log users directly in to the Community.
Configure Salesforce as SSO Identity Provider for RDP access
Custom Portal Login Page Using login_portal.jsp
· After login from custom logn controller the page is been redirected back to the standard portal login page. Verified the login history for the user and found that the first request has made success, and next request while hitting frontdoor.jsp it some how it comes
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Login through frontdoor.jsp using connected app token …

Login through frontdoor.jsp using connected app token results in chatter post via connected app I’m building a desktop application that let users login to their …
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Using the frontdoor.jsp to get a session id is not a supported way of logging in, it might work, but salesforce can change the implementation at any time. What you are trying to do sounds a IDP initiated single-sign on. Ideally your page would authenticate the user
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Configure Salesforce as SSO Identity Provider for RDP access

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